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Latest NPTEL Data Science for Engineers Assignment 6 Answers 2022

NPTEL Data Science for Engineers Assignment 6 Answers (Week 6)

Q1. Which of the following quantities can be used to make a preliminary check on the association between 2 variables?

a. Mean
b. Variance
c. Correlation coefficient
d. Standard deviation

Answer: c. Correlation coefficient

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Q2. State whether the following statement is True or False

In linear regression, only the dependent variable has errors.

a. True
b. False

Answer: b. False

Q3. Linear Regression is an optimization problem where we attempt to minimize

a. SSR (residual sum-of-squares)
b. SST (total sum-of-squares)
c. SSE (sum-squared error)
d. Slope

Answer: c. SSE (sum-squared error)

Q4. When a linear regression model is obtained without an intercept, the resultant β0

Answer: a & b

Q5. What is the relationship between the variables height and weight?

a. weight = -87.51667 + 3.45 * height

b. height = 3.45* weight – 87.51667

c. weight = 0.28 * height + 25.723456

d. weight = -14.74 + 37.85* height

Answer: a. weight = -87.51667 + 3.45 * height

Q6. Which of the following components are significant in determining the weight of a woman?

a. Intercept

b. Height

c. Both a and b

d. None of these

Answer: c. Both a and b

Q7. What is the R-Squared value of the model obtained in Q5?

a. 0.7417

b. 0.991

c. 0.583

d. 0.635

Answer: b. 0.991

Q8. Based on the model relationship obtained from Q5, what is the residual error obtained while calculating the weight of a woman with height 69 cms?

a. -361.08333

b. 0.63333

c. 0.0345

d. 0.53333

Answer: d. 0.53333

Q9. Which of the following quantities cannot be used to measure the goodness of fit of a linear regression model?

a. Sum squared error

b. R-Squared

c. Pearson correlation coefficient

d. Chi-Squared test statistic

Answer: a. Sum squared error
c. Pearson correlation coefficient

Q10. State whether the following statement is True or False.

Covariance is a better metric to analyze the association between two variables than correlation.

a. True

b. False

Answer: b. False

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