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NPTEL Data Mining Assignment Answers 2023 -Week 3

Are you a student struggling with the Data Mining NPTEL Week 3 assignment? Look no further! In this article, we have compiled a set of hints and answers to help guide you through the assignment.

Make sure to give it a try on your own first, but use these hints as a helpful resource.


Q1. Internal nodes of a decision tree correspond to:

Answer: A. Attributes

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Q2. In a multiclass classification problem, Bayes classifier assigns an instance to the class corresponding to:

Answer: A. Highest aposteriori probability

Q3. Three identical bags contain blue and yellow balls. The first bag contains 3 blue and 2 yellow balls, the second bag has 4 blue and 5 yellow balls, and the third bag has 2 blue and 4 yellow balls. A bag is chosen randomly and a ball is chosen from it. If the ball that is drawn out is blue, what will be the probability that the second bag is chosen?

Answer: C. 10/31

NPTEL Data Mining Assignment Answers 2023 -Week 3

Q4. What is the entropy of the dataset?

Answer: B. 0.94

Q5. Which attribute would information gain choose as the root of the tree?

Answer: A. Age

Q6. Whether a person will buy if (Age=35, Student-No, Income Low, Credit_rating = Fair)?

Answer: A. Yes

Q7. What class does the person(Age-42, Student-No, Income-Medium, Credit_rating = Excellent)?

Answer: B. No

Q8. What class does the person (Age 25, Student-No, Income-Medium, Credit_rating = Fair}?

Answer: B. No

Q9. Which attribute would information gain choose for Age=31-40?

Answer: C. Is a leaf node with value Yes.

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Disclaimer: Please keep in mind that these answers are intended to serve as a reference for students. Our website does not guarantee the accuracy of the answers provided. We encourage all students to complete their assignments independently and use these answers as a supplement to their own understanding.

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