EVE: The First AI Robot Entered in the Workforce

A robotics startup has created the first humanoid robot for security. Discover how EVE works and what she can do.

EVE is a product of 1X, a robotics startup backed by OpenAI. They beat Tesla in the race to create a humanoid robot.

Who created EVE?

EVE works as a security guard in an android factory. She monitors and controls the androids using her sensors and VR.

Where does EVE work?

EVE can do many things that human security guards can do, and more. She can open doors and windows, seize objects, and perform tasks similar to humans.

What can EVE do?

The robot can monitor everything with their cameras, alarm sensors, and motion detectors.

And here’s the best part: if an android causes trouble, it can use VR to enter its body and take over.

Get ready for a world where humans and robots collaborate, side-by-side. It’s happening.

News Source: therundown.ai