Explore How a Startup Named Rare Planet is Changing Craftsmen Life.

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In 2017, Rare Planet was founded by Ranodeep Saha. Initially, they was selling terracotta-made kulhad (tea cups) both online and offline.

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Laterly, they have included handicrafts, stationary, jewellery, pottery, bottles, and home decor products to support more Artists.

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Rare Planet makes Terracotta kulhads that can be reused because they baked cups in the furnace two times and then kept out in the sun for durability.

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Rare Planet ensure that artists are paid for their work within three days so that they can reinvest it in their next work.

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This startup also facilitates loans and helps artisans, so they easily get access to required machinery and tools.

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In Pre-COVID times Rare Planet mainly recorded retail sales, but the pandemic has boosted their online sales.

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Currently, Rare Planet works with about 2,500 local artisans from five different states and the product offered by them are available for purchase across over 60 stores.

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Rare Planet is looking to expand its offline partnerships through retail outlets across Airports in India

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Founder Ranodeep Saha has pursued his BTech degree from the Indian Institute of Information Technology, Kalyani.

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