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6 Amazing Tips To Improve Programming Logic Building

6 Amazing Tips To Improve Programming Logic Building

First of all, I want to congratulate you because you have preferred reading articles to improve your programming’s logic building than watching video only. This is your first step in the way to your success.

As a programmer, you might be face problems when thinking logically of any question and might get frustrated if don’t get any logical idea for that question.

It is the point when most of the programming aspirants think that they are not made for programming. But, it is totally wrong; actually, everyone can do everything that they can think. Similarly, you can achieve a top-level in the logic building.

Before further discussion, I want to clear to you that improving logical thinking for programming is not possible in a day or two. You must follow the given tips consistently.

Table Of Contents

What is Logic programming?

Programming is not just writing codes. A programmer is not just a person who writes codes. We as programmers have to follow a logical sequence of steps. In order to write a certain code, we have to first know the logic behind it. There is a certain logic behind each and every language. We have to give examples of how we can go about writing a code.

6 Tips To Improve Logic Building in Programming

1. Write on Paper

When a new aspirant enters the field of programming he/she just thinks about writing codes and programs on the computer. But, actually, to improve logic building you must write test cases of the particular programs then, write possible logic of the program on the paper with your pen.

You must ‘Dry Run’ the programs and trace bugs of the programs manually.

Writing a Program on Paper makes your understanding better and improves your logical thinking about that program.

2. Practice Writing Code more and more

Practice writing code plays a vital role in improving someone’s logic building. Practicing to write code of different types of programs breaks your limitations of thinking.

In the beginning, you will face problems in the thinking logic of a program but you can take the help of your seniors who have already solved that type of problem or you can take Google’s reference. You must understand the logic behind every question which you will solve.

After solving 50 to 100 questions, you will find yourself in the flow of logic building and solving problems logically.

3. Solve Puzzles and Aptitude questions

Your brain needs regular training to solve tough problems easily. Doing DSA questions and problems is not enough, your brain wants some entertaining things so, you can solve different types of Puzzles and Aptitude questions every day. You can make your friends agree to join you who can make it more engaging.

It will make your thought process more strong and when you will attempt any programming problem, you will openly think about the solution of the problem.

During this process, you will break your problem-solving limitations belief which you have gained in your childhood. 

This practice will improve your logic-building mindset.

4. Consistency

All the tips that have been discussed above can’t make your logical thinking good if you follow them for only one day or a week. You will have to follow all the tips consistently for a long while.

You will have to write test cases of questions; will have to dry-run programs, will have to write code of programs, and will have to solve puzzles and aptitude problems daily and make it your habit.

If you are thinking about how you can manage this consistency during any festivals, any occasional programs, and any emergency then, don’t worry. In this world, no one is perfect with his/her consistency but most people got success by giving their 100% which was in their hands to consistency. 

After any break, you will have to continue your practices again as fast as you can.

5. Regular Revision

Motivation can be a key to your consistency in the programming field. And, the motivation in this field comes from revising your works, the codes which you have written, your logical thinking which you have applied in the programs.

Revising your works and practices regularly makes your concepts more clear about different types of programs and also makes your logical thinking more strong. 

Revising basic concepts will help you to solve tough problems which you will face in the future.

You can save your works in digital form so, you can utilize your free time or travel time by revising your works.

6. Follow Systematic Path

Always we start learning and practicing but after some time we found ourselves in the confusion about what to do next and that results in the breakdown of our momentum in that work and after some days it depresses us.

Systematic learning is the best solution to avoid this problem. It means that we should have a Systematic Path of learning that particular thing and you must have the answer of what to do next.

Similarly, in the process of logic building improvement, you must have a Systematic Path. Here, in the logic building, you must know which question you have to do first and which question to do later as per the level of ease and advance.

Why is Logic Building Important for You?

Before concluding this article, I want to clear to you that ‘why logic building is important for you.’ 

When you will go for an interview in big companies, they will not ask you how to write a program of a calculator or any question that you have practiced in your learning period; they will give you a real-world problem that society is facing and you will have to solve that problem using the logical skill that you have developed while learning for programming.

Enjoy the process of logic building, be good in programming and stop taking logic building as punishment on you!


I hope you have enjoyed reading this article and learn a lot of things that can solve your doubt about logic building and generate new ideas in your mind. Keep practicing with consistency!

  1. How much time do I have to spend in logic building practice?

    You have to spend more of your programming time in the logic building at the beginning. After some weeks you will have to practice implementing logic in programs. After practicing the pen-paper logic building method for some months, you will have to start assuming test cases and logic in your mind.

  2. Is logic building important skill a programmer must-have?

    Yes, logic building is one of the most important skills a programmer must-have because it shows the thinking process programmers have.

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