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NPTEL Ethical Hacking Assignment 6 Answers 2022

NPTEL Ethical Hacking Assignment 6 Answers (Week 6)

Q1. 15 parties want to exchange messages securely using a symmetric key encryption algorithm. The number of distinct key values required will be:

a. 30
b. 225
c. 210
d. 105

Answer: d. 105

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Q2. 200 parties want to exchange messages securely using some public key encryption technique like RSA. The number of distinct key values required will be _____

Answer: 400

Q3. What are the effective key lengths used in DES and triple-DES symmetric key encryption algorithms in bits?

a. 56 and 168

b. 56 and 112

c. 56 and 56

d. 64 and 128

e. None of these.

Answer: a. 56 and 168

Q4. On which difficult mathematical problem does the security of RSA algorithm depend on?

a. Discrete logarithm problem.

b. Testing whether a given number if prime or not.

c. Prime factorization problem.

d. The RSA threshold detection.

e. All of these.

Answer: c. Prime factorization problem.

Q5. Which of the following types of attack can the DoS attack be categorized into?

a. Interruption

b. Interception

c. Modification

d. Fabrication

Answer: a. Interruption

Q6. Which of the following terms concern verifying the Identity of the sender?

a. Encryption

b. Authentication

c. Decryption

d. None of these

Answer: b. Authentication

Q7. Consider a mono-alphabetic cipher with the following key value:

(A B C D I J K L E F G H M N O P U V W X Q R S T Y Z)

What will be the encrypted form of the message “W I N D O W” ?

a. W E N D H W

b. S K N G H S

c. S E N D O S

d. None of these.

Answer: c. S E N D O S

Q8. How many AES rounds are required for 128-bit key size?

a. 10

b. 11

c. 12

d. 14

Answer: a. 10

Q9. For encryption using public-key cryptography, we use the

a. Receiver’s public key

b. Receiver’s private key

c. Sender’s public key

d. Sender’s private key

Answer: a. Receiver’s public key

Q10. Which of the following techniques is/are vulnerable to man-in-the-middle attack?

a. AES

b. RSA

c. Diffie-Hellman key exchange

d. None of these

Answer: c. Diffie-Hellman key exchange

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