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NPTEL Cloud Computing and Distributed Systems Assignment 6 Answers 2023

NPTEL Cloud Computing and Distributed Systems Assignment 6 Answers 2023

Hello Students, are you looking for help with Cloud Computing and Distributed Systems NPTEL week 6 assignment answers? So, here in this article, we have provided the Cloud Computing and Distributed Systems week 6 assignment answer hints.

NPTEL Cloud Computing and Distributed Systems Assignment 6 Answers

Q1. HBase is a distributed __ database built on top of the Hadoop file system.

Answer: c. Column-oriented

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Q2. Apache Cassandra is a massively scalable open source _ database.

Answer: c. NoSQL

Q3. A small chunk of data residing in one machine which is part of a cluster of machines holding one Hbase table is known as________

Answer: d. Region

Q4. Cell in HBase Table is a combination of __

Answer: d. Row, column family, column qualifier and contains a value and a timestamp

Q5. A bloom filter is a bit vector V with m entries and k (ideally-independent) hash functions. To insert a new element i, we set V[hj(i)]=1 for each of the k hash functions hj. To check whether an element i is in the set, we AND together each value V[hj(i)] for all k hash functions.

The optimal number of hash functions is K=m/n ln2. For that number of hash functions, and given a choice of false positive rate, the ratio m/n=−lnp/(ln2)2, where n is the number of keys in the table and p is the false positive rate. Compute the approximate number of bits per entry and the number of hash functions needed for a false positive rate of 1%.

Answer: b. 9.6 bits per key and 7 hash functions

Q6. Consider the following statements:

Statement 1: Scale out means grow your cluster capacity by replacing with more powerful machines.

Statement 2: Scale up means incrementally grow your cluster capacity by adding more COTS machines (Components Off the Shelf).

Answer: d. Both statements are false

Q7. Cassandra uses a protocol called _ to discover location and state information.

Answer: b. Gossip

Q8. Fill the correct choices for the given scenarios:

P: _________________Reads/writes complete reliably and quickly.

Q: __________________When thousands of customers are looking to book a flight, all updates from any client (e.g.- book a flight) should be accessible by other clients.

R: _________________Can happen across datacenters when the Internet gets disconnected

Answer: a. P: Availability, Q: Consistency, R: Partition tolerance

Q9. ____ a memory cache to store the in memory copy of the data. It accumulates writes and provides read for data which are not yet stored to disk.

Answer: d. Memtable

Q10. In Cassandra, ______________job is to determine which data centers and racks it should use to read data from and write data to.

Answer: c. Snitch

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