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NPTEL Solution: Cloud Computing Assignment 2 Answers 2023

NPTEL banner to the cloud computing assignment text written in red color.

Are you looking for the probable answers to the NPTEL’s cloud computing week 2 assignment?

This article is designed for your help because it contains the probable answers to the assignment sequentially. Also, I am trying to provide you with all assignment answers up to week 12.

Good Luck!

NPTEL Cloud Computing Assignment 2 Answers

Q1. Example(s) of Public cloud is(are)

Answer: D. Amazon EC2

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Q2. Which of the following is/are XML parser API(s)?

Answer: B. SAX (Simple API to XML) & D. DOM (Document Object Model)

Q3. The public cloud provides total visibility and control over data regarding security.

Answer: B. False

Q4. In the case of on-site private cloud, organizations consider (i) network dependency; (ii) no risk from multi-tenancy.

Answer: A. Only (i)

Q5. __ is an XML language for processing XML.

Answer: D. XSLT

Q6. Cloud Manager is the public access point to the cloud where subscribers sign up for accounts.

Answer: A. True

Q7. _____ generally stores the cloud subscriber’s metadata like user credentials and OS images.

Answer: C. DOS (Data Object storage)

Q8. Which of these is responsible for the operation of a collection of computers that are connected via high speed local area networks in the cloud computing paradigm?

Answer: C. Cluster Manager

Q9. Hypervisor is also known as

Answer: D. Virtual Machine Monitor

Q10. The following problems are addressed through Web services:

Answer: A. Firewall
B. Interoperability

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