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NPTEL Problem Solving Through Programming In C Assignment 2 Answers 2023

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Are you trying to solve your problem solving through programming in c week 2 assignment but, you have some doubts and you are here to clear your doubts?

This article will provide you all probable answers to the assignment.

Take inspiration from these answers and give your 100% to the assignment.

Problem Solving Through Programming In C Assignment 2 Answers

Q1. Which of the following statements is correct?
I. Keywords are those words whose meaning is already defined by Compiler.
II. Keywords cannot be used as variable names.
III. There are 32 keywords in C
IV. C keywords are also called reserved words.

Answer: d. All of the above

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Q2. A function is

a) Block of statements to perform some specific task
b) It is a fundamental modular unit to perform some task
c) It has a name and can be used multiple times

d) All of the above

Answer : Option D

Q3. If an integer needs two bytes of storage, then the minimum value of an unsigned integer in C would be

Answer: b. 0

Q4. What is the output?

#define fun(x) (x*x-2*x+9) 
int main()
float i; 
printf("%.2f", i); 
return 0;

Answer: 5.00

Q5. What is the output?

#include <stdio.h> 
int main() {
float q = 'x';
printf("%.2f", q);
return 0;     

Answer: 120.00

Q6. Which of the following is a correct C Keyword?

Answer: d. default

Q7. Integers can be of the following type in C?

Answer: d. All the above

Q8. The operator % in C Language is called?

Answer: c. Modulus

Q9. What will be the correct value of ‘x’?
  int x = 5.6634 + 4.867;

Answer: a. x=10

Q10. What is a C Storage Class?

Answer: d. All the above.

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Disclaimer: It’s important to note that the answers provided here may not be 100% accurate. For this reason, we encourage you to complete your assignments independently and use these answers only as a reference.

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