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AI News Today: Sony Music Creates Executive Role Dedicated to AI

AI News Today: Sony Music Creates Executive Role Dedicated to AI

Sony Music Creates Executive Role Dedicated to AI

Sony Music Entertainment has created a new executive role dedicated to artificial intelligence (AI). The new position, Executive Vice President of AI, will be filled by former BPI CEO Geoff Taylor.

In a memo to Sony Music employees, COO Kevin Kelleher said that “AI is of great significance for the future of the music industry” and that the company is delighted to share that Geoff Taylor will be joining us as our new Executive Vice President, Artificial Intelligence.

Taylor’s responsibilities in the new role will include “coordinating Sony’s business efforts surrounding artificial intelligence” and “coordinating across the global digital business and business and legal affairs division.”

The creation of the new role is a sign of Sony Music’s commitment to AI.

The company has been investing in AI research and development for several years, and it has already begun to use AI in a number of ways, such as to personalize music recommendations and to create new forms of music content.

The music industry is increasingly being disrupted by technology, and AI is one of the most important technologies that could shape the future of the industry.

By creating a new executive role dedicated to AI, Sony Music is signaling its intention to be a leader in this area.

PM Modi Discussed with Tech Giants about Future of AI

Prime Minister Narendra Modi of India met with prominent U.S. and Indian technology executives on the final day of his visit to Washington, D.C.

The meetings were an opportunity for Modi to emphasize the importance of global companies investing in India and to encourage them to actively participate in the “Make in India” initiative.

Modi met with Tim Cook of Apple, Sundar Pichai of Google, and Satya Nadella of Microsoft, among others. He told the executives that India is a “land of opportunity” and that they would be “welcome partners” in the country’s economic development.

The details of their conversation were kept private, but a statement by Microsoft highlighted the discussion of technology’s power, specifically Artificial Intelligence (AI), in enhancing the lives of people.

New Version of Stable Diffusion Launched

Stability AI has released an upgraded version of Stable Diffusion.

The new model, SDXL v0.9, features a number of improvements over the previous version, including better image quality, more realistic details, and the ability to generate images from simpler prompts.

These enhancements make SDXL v0.9 a more powerful and user-friendly tool for creating AI-generated images.

The new model is available via Clipdrop, an AI image generating and editing tool developed by Init ML, a recent acquisition by Stability AI.

The release of SDXL v0.9 is a significant development in the field of AI-generated images. The model’s improved image quality and realism make it a more powerful tool for artists, designers, and creative professionals.

Additionally, the model’s ability to generate images from simpler prompts makes it more accessible to a wider range of users.

Fake AI-Generated Images of the Titan Submersible Debris is Circulated

Scam accounts are circulating fake AI-generated images of the Titan submersible debris on social media.

The US Coast Guard announced on Thursday that they had found some wreckage of the Titan, with all five passengers onboard presumed dead.

However, no official photos of the debris have been released.

This has led to unscrupulous Twitter and Facebook accounts creating and sharing fake photos that they claim show the Titan’s wreckage at the bottom of the ocean. These images are not real and have been created using AI image generators.

The Coast Guard has urged the public to be aware of these fake images and to only share photos that have been verified by a credible source.

Wimbledon is Planning AI Commentary

Wimbledon is using artificial intelligence to enhance its online videos this year. The famous tennis tournament has partnered with IBM to provide AI-generated voiceovers and subtitles for its highlights clips.

The AI system will analyze the video footage and the match statistics to create personalized and engaging commentary and captions for each video.

The aim is to offer a more immersive and accessible experience for the online viewers of Wimbledon.

The AI commentary will also adapt to the preferences and feedback of the viewers, and will use natural language processing and speech synthesis to produce realistic and expressive voiceovers.

The AI captions will also improve the accessibility of the videos for people with hearing impairments or language barriers.

The AI-powered coverage is part of Wimbledon’s digital transformation strategy, which aims to leverage technology to enhance the fan experience and reach new audiences.

Toyota is Trying AI to faster the Designing Process

Toyota Research Institute (TRI) done made a new thing that can help car designers make sketches with engineering parameters. This could help cut down on design time and reduce the number of iterations needed.

They’re using text-to-image techniques to make this happen. You start with a sketch and then you tell the AI tool to give you some variations of it. TRI done published two papers about this new thing they made.

They still figuring out how to use it at Toyota Motor Corp., but they done tested it at XD, Toyota’s experimental design studio in the Bay Area.

The AI technique developed by TRI works by first collecting a large dataset of sketches and engineering parameters. The AI tool then learns to associate these two sets of data, so that it can generate new sketches that meet the desired engineering parameters.

For example, a designer could begin with a sketch of a car and then use the AI tool to make it look sleeker or more like an SUV. The AI tool would then generate a new sketch that meets these criteria.

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