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AI 101: Create Presentation Slide Using AI | Gamma App

AI 101: Create Presentation Slide Using AI | Gamma App

Making your presentations manually for long hours?

Stop Here!

Because, I have found an AI Tool that works as Chatgpt for your presentation slide decks.

This AI tool will create presentation in just a few steps. Only you will have to express your own desire for presentation and it will do a magic and give you a first draft of your presentation.

How to Create Presentation Slide using AI

Creating good flow for your presentation is easy with It will create your presentation, docs and webpages in a few seconds.

TaskCreate presentation, doc and webpage

How to use step by step

Here’s how to save hours of work while preparing your presentation:

First, signup in .

And, Just after it will give you an option to choose what you want to create – A presentation,doc or webpage. I chose the presentation for explanation.

Your main task comes is in the next turn, that’s to write a Prompt precisely to explain your imagination for presentation.

When you will finish it and click on the generate button, it will prepare an outline for your deck. Edit it if you want more or continue if it is sufficient.

Up next, choose a theme for your deck. You can change it later if it will not match with your content.

After a single click to continue, the AI will process to create your presentation in no time.

Magically, a presentation will appear on your screen according to your desire.

Here’s the incredible part, you can edit the presentation using Ai editor in real time. It’s scary fast to customise your deck just by telling the Ai to do it.

That’s all for today. Watch the video in the embedded tweet.

Wrap up

You have get to know about gamma app that create presentation in almost no time. Also, the steps to create a presentation with powerpoint creating ai.

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