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BRABU BCA 102 Previous Year Question Paper – Computer Fundamentals

Are you in search of BCA Computer Fundamentals previous year questions from B.R.A. Bihar University?

You’re in luck! This article is designed to help you ace your Computer Fundamentals exams. By scrolling through, you can easily access previous years’ questions from 2019 to 2022.

BRABU BCA 102 Previous Year Question Paper

Computer Fundamentals 2019-22 Questions

  1. What are Secondary Storage devices? How does direct access differ from Sequential access in Memory read/write operations?
  2. List out some important characteristics of computer. How many types of computer systems? Explain them.
  3. Define the Software. List and explain the types of software. Give two examples of each category.
  4. What is an Operating System? Explain all four types of Operating Systems.
  5. Differentiate between the characteristics of primary and secondary Memory of a computer.
  6. What is data processing? Differentiate between Data and information. Which is more useful to the people?
  7. How many types of Computer System? Explain them.
  8. What is a Computer? Draw a block diagram of a Computer system and discuss the functionalities of each in detail. Explain different generations of computers
  9. Define the terms:-
    • Compiler, Interpreter, Assembler, Loader and Linker
  10. Discuss the Concept of output. Explain different types of printers used as output devices.

Computer Fundamentals 2020-23 Questions

  1. What is Computer? Draw its complete block diagram and explain it in detail.
  2. What is an Operating System? Give its examples and explain the functions performed by the operating system in detail.
  3. What do you mean by Hardware and Software? Differentiate them with suitable examples.
  4. What do you mean by the Memory of a Computer? Classify it and differentiate between primary and secondary memory in detail.
  5. What do you mean by Computer Programming? Give a few examples of Programming Languages.
  6. What do you mean by Printer? Classify it. Differentiate Printer and Scanner.
  7. Differentiate between RAM and ROM and give its functionality in detail.
  8. Differentiate between System Software and Application Software in detail also give five examples of System Software and Application Software.
  9. Write short notes on various Data Storage and Data Retrieval methods.
  10. Give generation of Computers. Explain about Super Computer in detail.

Computer Fundamentals 2021-24 Questions

  1. Explain the different Generations of Computers in detail.
  2. Draw the block diagram of a Digital Computer. Explain its components in detail.
  3. What is Primary Memory? Distinguish between Primary Memory and Secondary Memory.
  4. What is an Output Device? Write down the types of Output Devices used in Digital Computers.
  5. What is Language Translator? Distinguish between Compiler and Interpreter.
  6. What is Printer? Discuss the types of Printers in detail.
  7. Explain the types of Computers according to their size in detail.
  8. Explain the operating system. Discuss the types of the operating system.
  9. What is Flowchart? Write down the rules for making a Flowchart. Draw a Flowchart to find the sum of n Natural Numbers.
  10. Explain High-Level Language. Also, discuss its merits and benefits. Explain some High-level Language which is used for General Purpose Programming.

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