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BRABU BCA C Programming Previous Year’s Questions (1st Semester)

Looking for B.R.A Bihar University BCA C Programming Previous Question Paper of 1st semester?

Congrats! You have landed on the right article because you can access all the previous questions (from 2019 to 2022) in just a few scrolls.

BRABU BCA C Programming Previous Year’s Questions

BCA-104 Session 2019-22 Questions

1. What is “C” language? Write down the features and application of the “C” language.

2. What is the loop? Discuss the Types of loops.

3. Write a “C” Programme to enter a number and check whether the given number is Prime Number or NOT.

4. (a) Write a “C” programme to print the following series of n given term.


(b) Write a “C” programme to Enter a number, print Sum and reverse of the number using Function.

5. Explain the parameter passing Technique. Distinguish between call by value and call by value by reference method with an example.

6. (a) Explain any five String Handling Functions.

(b) Write a “C” programme to Enter a string. Print how many words are present in the given string.

7. What is a pointer? Write a “C” programme using the pointer and print the Sum of the n natural number.

8. What is structure? Write a “C” programme to enter the student’s name, roll number, fee and marks. Display the Student’s name, roll number, fee and marks using structure.

9. What is the file? Discuss the types of files.

10. Write short notes on any two:

(a) Library Function in “C”.

(b) Flow Charts.

(c) Nesting

(d) Header Files

BCA-104 Session 2020-23 Questions

1. What is “C” programming? Explain its Features and Applications in detail.

2. What is an Operator in “C” ? Discuss various types of Operators used in “C” programming in detail.

3. Distinguish between “For Loop” and “While Loop”. Give suitable examples of them.

4. What is Loop? Explain its types with suitable examples.

5. Write a “C” program to check if a given number is “EVEN or “ODD”.

6. What do you mean by Function in “C” programming? Differentiate between ” Call by value” and “Call by Reference” with a suitable example.

7. What is Data Type? Classify it and give suitable examples.

8. What is Recursive Function? Write a “C” program to print the fractional value of a given integer using Recursion.

9. What are the elements of “C” programming? Give and explain real-life example using a Flow chart.

10. Write short notes on any two of the following:

(a) Applications of “C”.

(b) Library Functions in “C”.

(c) Flow Charts.

(d) File Handling.

BCA-104 Session 2021-24 Questions

1. What is Looping Control Structure? Discuss the types of Looping Control Structure.

2. What is Data Structure? Discuss the types of Data Structure used in “C”.

3. What is Pointer? Write a C program using the pointer to print the sum of N natural numbers.

4. Write short notes on any two of the following:

(a) Pointer

(b) Applications of C

(c) Dynamic Memory Allocation

(d) Function Prototype.

5. Design and develop a C program to read a year as input and find whether it is a leap year or not.

6. Write and explain the basic concepts of a C program.

Write the guidelines to use printf() function in C language.

7. Write a C program that:

(i) Implements string copy operation STRCPY(str1, str2) that copies a string str1 to another string str2 without using library function.

(ii) Reads a sentence and prints the frequency of each of the vowels and the total count of the consonants.

8. What is a Function and its parameters? Explain different types of parameters in C Functions.

9. What is a File? Explain File Open and File Close functions with examples.

10. Write a C program to maintain a record of “n” student’s details using an array of structures with four fields-Roll Number, Name, Marks and Grade, Each field is of an appropriate data type. Print the marks of the student by giving “Student Name” as input.

Conclusion and the next step

I hope, your preparation is going on fabulous and this previous year’s questions will add more value to this.

It’s time to share it with your classmates and friends.

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