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NPTEL Cloud Computing and Distributed Systems Assignment 3 Answers 2023

NPTEL Cloud Computing Assignment Answers

Seeking assistance with the Cloud Computing and Distributed Systems NPTEL Week 3 Assignment answers? Look no further, as this article offers a guiding hint to the solution of the Cloud Computing and Distributed Systems Week 3 Assignment.

NPTEL Cloud Computing and Distributed Systems Assignment 3 Answers

Q1. In a Classical Algorithm of Ring Election, what will be the message complexity for N labelled processes.

Answer: C. (3N-1) messages 

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Q2. True or False ?

There is no leader election algorithm for anonymous rings, even if algorithm knows the ring size (non-uniform) and synchronous model.

Answer: True

Q3. True or False ?

Zookeeper is a replicated service that holds the metadata of distributed applications.

Answer: True 

Q4. True or False ?

“Leader Election problem represents a general class of non symmetry-breaking problems.”

Answer: True 

Q5. ZooKeeper itself is intended to be replicated over a sets of hosts called :

Answer: B. Ensemble 

Q6. Find the message and time complexity of below algorithm:

send value of own id to the left

when receive an id j (from the right):

if j > id then

forward j to the left (this processor has lost)

if j = id then

elect self (this processor has won)

if j < id then

do nothing

Answer: A. O(n2) Messages and O(n) time

Q7. In the O(nlogn) messages leader election algorithm, the probe distance in phase k is _______ and the Number of messages initiated by a processor in phase k is at most ______________including probes and replies in both directions.

Answer: D. 2k,4∗2k

Q8. Consider the following statements:

Statement 1: When two processes are competing with each other causing data corruption, it is called deadlock

Statement 2: When two processes are waiting for each other directly or indirectly, it is called race condition.

Answer: C. Both statements are true

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