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NPTEL Programming in Java Week 8 Assignment Answers 2022

Dear Students, are you facing problem while solving programming in java NPTEL week 8 assignment. So, after spending my time on the assignment, I have provided answers for all 10 questions.

NPTEL Programming in Java Assignment Answer

NPTEL Programming in Java Week 8 Assignment Answers

Q1. Which of the following is NOT a class of java.awt package?

a. Button
b. Component
c. Dialog
d. Paint

Answer: d. Paint

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Q2. Which of the following is/are NOT an exception of java.awt package?

a. AWTError
b. AWTException
c. FontFormatException
d. all of these

Answer: a. AWTError

Q3. Which of the following method is/are a class button of java.awt package?

a. paint(Graphics g)
b. setLabel(String label)
c. getCurrent()
d. getItem(int index)

Answer: b. setLabel(String label)

Q4. Which of the following container does not contain titlebar and menubar?

a. window
b. panel
c. container
d. frame

Answer: b. panel

Q5. Which package provides many event classes and Listener interfaces for event handling?

a. java.awt.activeevent
b. java.awt.event
c. java.awt.listener
d. none of these

Answer: b. java.awt.event

Q6. What is the name of the method used to get the current font of an graphic in

a. abstract FontMetrics getFontMetrics(Font f)
b. abstract Font getFont()
c. FontMetrics getFontMetrics()
d. None of these

Answer: b. abstract Font getFont()

Q7. Which of the following method remove all items from scrolling list in java.awt.list?

a. hide()
b. clear()
c. remove()
d. None

Answer: b. clear()

Q8. Which of the following statement is true about the update() in java.awt package?

a. Sets the color of the graphics context to be the foreground color of this component.
b. Calls this component’s paint method to completely redraw this component.
c. Clears this component by filling it with the background color.
d. All of these.

Answer: d. All of these

Q9. Which of the following methods can be used to return the current size size of a java.awt.Component object?

a. dimension()
b. setSize()
c. area()
d. size()
e. resize()

Answer: d. size()

Q10. When we invoke update() for a java.awt.Component object, the AWT invokes which of the following method?

a. show()
b. draw()
c. paint()
d. repaint()

Answer: c. paint()

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Disclaimer: These answers are provided only for the purpose to help students to take references. This website does not claim any surety of 100% correct answers. So, this website urges you to complete your assignment yourself.

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